Online Meeting Center

How to Join a Filbrandt Online Meeting:

You should have received a link via email which is coded specifically for your meeting. It will look something like this:

The X's will be a unique numerical code that is good only for your specific meeting.

(If you can't find your meeting link, please call 800-431-9740, and we will resend it to you.)

  • Clicking this link will take you to a page where you will enter the meeting. You will be asked to enter your name and then click the "Join" button.
  • Once you have clicked the "Join" button, you will be sent to a page which at the center of it has text that says, "Phone Call." (See immediately below.) We use the telephone for all online meeting audio because it is much clearer than audio from computer microphones.
zoom call phone graphic
  • Note there are two telephone numbers. You can call either number. There are two phone numbers for the sake of redundancy. In the event that one of the numbers might be down for any reason, there is a backup so the meeting can go on as scheduled.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The numbers both say (US Toll) afterwards, but the calls are toll calls ONLY when dialed from outside the United States. Either of those numbers dialed from inside the U.S. will be toll-free.
  • When the phone call connects, you will be prompted to enter a Conference ID number (and the # sign) and a Participant ID number (and the # sign). These are also displayed on your "Phone Call" screen. (NOTE: The phone prompt may ask you to enter your Meeting ID. This is your Conference ID number.)
  • At this point, you will be in the meeting. If you don't see your host in the meeting, please be patient. We always strive to be on time, but in case of unforeseen circumstances, your host will be there shortly.