Retirement Planning for University Professionals

Retire from Academia at the Right Time, with the Right Plan in Place

Many of our clients ask, “Do I have enough money to fund my retirement years?” That question might be on your mind as well.

Making a successful transition from decades of employment to your retirement years involves much more than having sufficient assets. To do so, you also need to make decisions that give you financial independence, freedom, and peace of mind. The graphic below illustrates the financial planning objectives associated with specific career stages and can help you plan your path to financial independence.  

The Path to Financial Independence

1. In the Accumulation or Saving phase, your goals are identified and your vision for the future (both for your retirement and your legacy) is defined. 

2. In the Transition or Pre-Retirement phase, you are building your portfolio and accumulating assets. University health plans, insurance policies, and other accounts are common pieces of the planning puzzle.

3. During the Distribution or Retirement phase, we work with you to coordinate all available resources to replace your salaries and provide income during retirement. You will benefit from a reliable and tax efficient income stream that will last as long as you need it, while being able to adjust to life’s changes along the way.

4. The final step of the journey, the Legacy or Transfer phase, is where your plans are enacted via a Will or a Will and Trust combination.

Throughout this journey, you may be party to other transitions, as well, such as the tenure-track to tenure to emeritus status, and experience job changes or other events. Filbrandt & Company is with you every step of the way to ensure none of the pieces are missing.

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“Whatever the client wants to see as their point of independence, we want to help them reach that.”

- Scott Kornstedt, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®​

Maintain Your Pre-Retirement Lifestyle With Comprehensive Financial Planning 

Whether you will be fully retiring, entering a phased retirement, or never retire at all—you will need a plan to ensure that you can meet your financial goals. At Filbrandt, we use comprehensive financial planning strategies to help our clients maintain their pre-retirement lifestyle so they can enjoy their retirement.

Maximize University Benefits, Organize Your Affairs, and Realize Lifelong Goals

  • Maximizing retirement savings and coordinating contributions with our clients’ overall asset plans.
  • Reducing current income taxes and avoiding investment income surtaxes with tax planning.
  • Planning to minimize taxes on future retirement income distributions.
  • Coordinating the distribution of retirement funds to replace lost salaries.
  • Planning required minimum distribution strategies.
  • Evaluating and recommending options for Social Security benefits.

Using these strategies and more, we build a fulfilling retirement plan for each of our clients, which allows them to realize lifelong goals and give back to the people and causes important to them.

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