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We do not take custody of any accounts or assets, nor do we sell any investment products. We do offer clarity on your options and personalized planning that helps you reach your goals. If you are like most university professionals, you may have several investment accounts—and just as many quarterly statements—to arrange and understand. We know it can be difficult to manage all these accounts as one portfolio, and the prospect of doing so can cause worry and doubt.

Investment Management

However, not managing your accounts together poses several potential risks. Your portfolio may suffer from a lack of diversification, or you may overlook important custodians available to you in your overall portfolio. That’s why our investment management service includes One Unified Portfolio©, a comprehensive planning report to manage all our clients' assets as one unit, and is a core pillar of Filbrandt's approach to financial planning.

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“We believe in managing every client’s portfolio as a unified portfolio.  Most people have never done that before in their life – before they start working with Filbrandt.”

- Patricia J. Filbrandt, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

24/7 Access to Your Account

We also provide a consolidated quarterly statement of all accounts (which clients can access online anytime). 

The primary benefit: Clients are able to track the overall performance of all of their accounts with one statement. Many of our clients tell us they had never experienced this before working with Filbrandt.

Our investment portfolios are personalized for our clients’ unique life goals and objectives, using a combination of employer-sponsored retirement plans and (in some cases) outside vendors. 

Independent and Objective Support

The objective is to provide long-term returns while reducing exposure to short-term risks, while allowing clients to keep assets in university plans. Many physicians and faculty are approached to consolidate their retirement accounts without fully understanding the risks (as outlined in our report here), or encouraged to roll over their account into an IRA without having heard of the "rollover trap," (as outlined in this report).

When you work with Filbrandt, you receive clear, objective, and comprehensive services from an adviser acting in a fiduciary capacity that serves your best interests in all aspects of your financial plan. We specialize in the unique investment options available to academia, including asset allocation through portfolio management; TIAA accounts; Fidelity, Vanguard, and other brokerage account vendors; 403(b) and supplemental plans; and so much more.

Our clients’ investments are monitored by our credentialed staff. That allows us to focus on serving professors—and lets professors focus not on portfolio management, but on their career, family, research, and the other things that are most important to them.

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