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Our mission is to make certain clients’ estate planning goals align with their retirement and portfolio management goals. We strive to keep the estate planning process from becoming overwhelming for our clients, and we serve in the clients' best interest. 

Why Estate Planning Is Important

You probably have specific wishes for distribution of your assets to loved ones, charities, and institutions at the time of your death. However, simply having a will in place does not ensure that those wishes will be carried out. Whether you are years away from retirement, in the process of retirement planning, or you have already retired, estate planning is a key component of your overall financial plan.

We offer an Estate Plan Audit that looks at the minute details of your plan and ensures it is set up properly to achieve your wishes. A professional estate plan, once it is complete, grants our clients peace of mind – knowing that they are prepared for the inevitable and the unpredictable. 

Creating Your Comprehensive Estate Plan

Filbrandt’s objectives are to assure a client’s current lifestyle and assets are protected, and that assets are transferred to beneficiaries in a tax-efficient manner.

Our estate planning process begins by determining our clients’ goals. We then make recommendations regarding estate planning documents and techniques that best suit each client to accomplish their goals in the most efficient way.

The next step is proper titling of clients’ assets and property to ensure their wishes are achieved. This process helps to reduce transfer and probate costs and maximize what transfers to beneficiaries.

Effective Estate Planning With Filbrandt Includes:

  • Facilitating the coordination of our clients’ beneficiary designations and ensuring they remain updated
  • Evaluating and reviewing our clients’ estate planning documents to assure alignment with their goals
  • Evaluating our clients’ options for long-term-care funding
  • Evaluating and recommending options regarding clients' life insurance policies 

Changes in tax laws can affect estate plans. We continuously monitor our clients’ estate plans to ensure that legislative changes impacting their plans are addressed.

“They’re not certain what’s missing, but when they see the type of work that we do, it’s like a lightbulb goes off – ‘This is what I was looking for.’”

- Patricia J. Filbrandt, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

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