Why Choose Comprehensive Financial Planning?

The Filbrandt Total Solution©️

At Filbrandt, we plan for our clients’ entire financial picture, not simply to maximize the return on their investments. This is what we call comprehensive financial planning.

The Filbrandt Total Solution© is a three-step process that integrates investment, retirement, and estate planning services to help university professionals achieve their financial independence. Effective financial planning is a fluid process that changes as life circumstances change. We help our clients through major life transitions, including job changes, illnesses, disability, retirement, divorce, and the death of a loved one or spouse. 

With comprehensive financial planning, we serve as our clients’ advocate for all their planning needs, including the work they do with banks, attorneys, accountants, retirement plan vendors, investment brokers, university retirement offices, and insurance agents—ensuring their best interests are represented under the fiduciary standard. As a fiduciary, we are bound to serve without bias and in our clients' best interests. Without this responsibility, other advisers may be inclined to sell more expensive and higher fee products.

“We work with clients across the country, on many different campuses, but the core of what we do is customized to each of our clients.”

- Travis Cliff, CFP®​

  • Retirement Planning Strategies
  • Estate Planning Support
    • We help clients develop and implement an estate plan that makes certain their lifestyle and assets are protected after both they and their spouses pass — and that assets are ultimately transferred to whichever family and institutions are important to them as efficiently as possible.

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