The Filbrandt Advantage©

Our Financial Services Are Unique. Here's How University Professionals Can Make the Most of the Filbrandt Advantage©

Universities provide generous benefit plans to their faculty. However, it is the responsibility of each individual professor to manage his or her own investments and make important financial decisions.

The Filbrandt Advantage

Filbrandt specializes in comprehensive financial planning services specifically for university professionals. Our clients, therefore, benefit from these unique components of The Filbrandt Advantage©:

  • We have in-depth knowledge of the specific benefits plans at each of the universities where we serve clients.
  • We have extensive experience with each of the vendors within the retirement plans, such as TIAA, Fidelity, Vanguard, Securian and other vendors.
  • We understand the unique life and career paths of university professors and physicians, and are experts on all significant changes these individuals will face, both before and during retirement.
  • We work under the fiduciary standard, which means that our clients' interests are always put above all others, even our own. It also means that all of our advice is objective.
  • We are not owned by a bank or investment company, so we are not pressured to move client assets into any specific company's products, nor to sell any investment products.

“We understand the unique needs of the university professional.”

- Scott Kornstedt, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®​

Important Financial Decisions for Professors 

Financial planning has many components that need to be carefully considered: 

  • Investment Management 
  • Retirement Income Planning 
  • Retirement Contribution Planning 
  • Tax Planning 
  • Health Insurance Planning 
  • Long-Term Health Care Planning 
  • Social Security Planning 
  • Estate and Gifting Planning 
  • Risk Management Budgeting 

A balanced, objective and comprehensive approach to planning is necessary if you want to effectively create a financial strategy. Yet, there is no standard resource available to university employees that can provide an all-encompassing solution while keeping clients’ best interests first.  

Who Can University Professionals Consult for Financial Help?

  • The University Benefits Office cannot give specific personal advice due to unwanted liability and limited resources.
  • The Retirement Plan Vendors are focused on their own company and products. Vendors are restricted to their proprietary financial products and can only advise on assets to which they custody.
  • Outside Investment Brokerage Firms are focused on their own company and products. Vendors are restricted to their proprietary financial products and can only advise on assets to which they custody. They are compensated by commissions on the sales of products, transactions, and the custody of assets. 
  • Asset Management Firms only focus on portfolio management and the custody of assets. Therefore, they do not offer retirement planning, estate planning, etc. Many cannot manage assets located in university retirement plans; they must roll the money out (an expensive process for you).

Filbrandt is uniquely positioned to offer university faculty The Filbrandt Advantage© through unbiased, comprehensive financial planning at the highest fiduciary standard.

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